What we do

The Mission of the Ontario Farmland Trust is to protect and preserve Ontario farmlands and associated agricultural, natural and cultural features of the countryside through direct land securement, stewardship, policy research and education for the benefit of Ontarians today and future generations. Hindmarsh

Our Vision is for a future where Ontario’s best farmland is valued and permanently protected through sound policy, partnerships and proactive community engagement, where diverse farming communities thrive, and where the protection of farmland, agriculture and local food production is recognized as the foundation of a sustainable rural economy in Ontario.

The Ontario Farmland Trust (OFT) works province‐wide and focuses on three main activities:

  1. Direct land protection (land securement) through farmland easement agreements and land donations;
  2. Policy development for improved farmland protection; and
  3. Research and education to advance land protection and related policy development

OFT actively protects farmland by working directly with landowners who have a desire to see their farms permanently protected for agriculture. We offer both landowners and community groups tools, such as farmland easement agreements, that can be used to protect individual properties of value to them.

OFT also assists in raising awareness of the impacts of farmland loss, the need for greater farmland preservation and the importance of land stewardship. We provide ongoing volunteer and learning opportunities and encourage collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders, including farmers, local food groups, land use planners, health advocates and government.